The Usage page provides you with detailed insights into the utilization of your subscription across various key metrics, enabling you to optimize resource allocation and maximize the value of your subscription. Here, you can monitor usage statistics related to projects, team members, datasets, dataset versions, models, and inference activity.


Key Metrics

  • Projects: Keep track of the number of projects allocated within your subscription. Projects serve as organizational units for managing data annotation, model training, and deployment tasks.

  • Team Members: Monitor the number of team members invited to collaborate within your workspace. Team members play vital roles in project execution and collaboration.

  • Datasets: Track the number of images uploaded to your workspace datasets. Datasets serve as the foundation for training and validation data used in model development.

  • Dataset Versions: Keep tabs on the number of dataset versions created within your workspace. Dataset versioning allows for iterative improvements and tracking changes over time.

  • Models: Monitor the number of model versions trained within your workspace. Models are trained using annotated data from datasets to perform specific tasks such as image classification or object detection.

  • Inference: Track the number of API calls made to make predictions on trained models. Inference activity indicates the utilization of deployed models for real-world applications, such as making predictions on new data.

Optimizing Resource Utilization

By monitoring usage metrics across these key areas, you can:

  • Allocate Resources Effectively: Understand resource consumption patterns to allocate resources efficiently based on project needs and priorities.
  • Scale Workloads Appropriately: Identify areas of high usage and scale resources accordingly to maintain performance and meet demand.
  • Optimize Collaboration: Manage team member invitations and project allocations to facilitate effective collaboration and project management.
  • Budget Planning: Use usage insights to inform budget planning and resource allocation decisions, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives and constraints.

Usage History

For a comprehensive overview of your subscription usage over time, the Usage page provides access to usage history. This feature allows you to review historical usage data, track usage trends, and compare performance across different time periods.