The Annotate Data page empowers you to add annotations to your datasets, enabling the training and enhancement of computer vision models with labeled data. Whether you need to classify images into categories or annotate objects with bounding boxes, our annotation tool provides a user-friendly interface for efficient data annotation.

Annotation Process

Follow these steps to annotate datasets using our annotation tool:

  1. Navigate to Uploads Page: Access the Uploads page within your project. Here, you’ll find a list of uploaded batches of datasets.

  2. Select Upload Batch: Choose the upload batch containing the dataset you wish to annotate. Click on the batch to view its details.

  3. Initiate Annotation: Within the upload batch details, locate the Start annotating button associated with the batch. Click on it to initiate the annotation process.

  4. Annotation Interface: You’ll be navigated to the annotation tool interface, where you can annotate your dataset. The annotation tool provides tools and functionalities for adding annotations to images.

Upload batch table

Annotation Types

Our annotation tool supports two primary types of annotations:

  • Category Annotation: Classify images into predefined categories or labels. This type of annotation is suitable for tasks where images need to be categorized based on their visual content.

  • Bounding Box Annotation: Identify and annotate objects within images by drawing bounding boxes around them. This type of annotation provides spatial information about objects’ locations within images, enabling object detection tasks.

Annotation Tool Interface

The annotation tool interface offers intuitive controls and features to streamline the annotation process:

  • Image Display: The main area displays the images from the dataset batch, allowing you to annotate them.

  • Annotation Tools: Select tools for adding category annotations or drawing bounding boxes. Customize annotation attributes such as labels and colors as needed.

  • Save Annotations: After annotating images, save the annotations to apply them to the dataset batch permanently.

Get Started

Begin annotating your datasets today to enhance the quality and utility of your computer vision models. Should you encounter any issues or have questions regarding the annotation process, our support team is available to provide guidance and assistance. We’re committed to facilitating a seamless and efficient annotation experience to empower your computer vision projects.